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25 Clyde Rd., Suite 101,
Somerset, NJ 08873


These are some of the common foot problems that are frequently treated in our office.

Vibration Sensation Testing Microvas Treatment for Neuropathy
Vibration Sensation Testing Microvas Treatment for Neuropathy


Achilles Tendonitis / Tears / Ruptures
• Ankle Sprain / Strain
Athlete's Foot
• Burns
• Bursitis
Calluses / Corns
Children's feet
Diabetic Neuropathy
Diabetic Wound Care
• Dropfoot
• Eczema
• Edema
• Flatfeet
Foot and Ankle Injuries
• Foreign Bodies
• Fractures
Fungal Nails
• Ganglion Cysts
• Gout
• Haglund's Deformity/ Retrocalcaneal Exostosis
• Hallux Valgus / Bunion Deformity
• Hallux Rigidus
• Heel Fissures
Heel Pain
• High Arched Foot / Pes Cavus
• Hyperhydrosis
• Infections
In-Grown Nails
• Joint Implants
Morton's Neuromas
Nail Injuries
Nail Problems
• Orthotics
Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spur Syndrome
Plantar Warts
• Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
Rearfoot Surgery
Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Subungual Exostosis
• Tailor's Bunion / Bunionette
• Ulcerations
• Venous Stasis
What is a Podiatrist
• Wounds


Laser Treatment for Foot Pain
Laser Treatment for Foot Pain


Medical Services provided:
In addition to treating a variety of foot & ankle conditions, the office also offers;

• In-office digital digital x-rays
Laser Therapy for Pain Management
• Diagnostic Ultrasound
• Doppler / Vascular Testing for PAD - peripheral vascular disease
MicroVas Neuromuscular Therapy for the treatment of Neuropathy
• Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program
• Cast application
• Total Contact Casting
• Orthotics & Bracing
• Out-Patient Surgery
• Diabetic foot care
Axon – II for Painless Nerve testing of lower extremity sciatica, and neuropathy which can cause burning, tingling, shooting pains, as well as numbness in the feet and legs.

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